This Little Girl (little__one) wrote in fantasyicontest,
This Little Girl


For our fourth challenge, the theme will be Aliens.

Special Rules:
You may enter any number of icons for this challenge.*
All effects (brushes, text, blending, animation, etc.) are allowed.
Each icon you submit must use a completely different image.

You can take pictures from any movie, artwork, etc., as long as the theme of "aliens" is represented.

Make sure that your icon follows all the community rules.

This challenge will end Friday, March 10th at 10 p.m. EST!

To get you started, I will be posting some sample images later tonight or tomorrow. These are only suggestions, I would encourage you to go out and find your own.

Please post any questions in a seperate comment from your submission.

* For this challenge, you are permitted to enter any number of icons you desire. HOWEVER, consider that only your BEST work should actually be submitted. More icons will mean more chances to win; however, it will also mean that votes will be more spread out. So pick your submission carefully.
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